Sunday, March 10, 2019

Politics: Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians

  • Democrats
    • Get right
      • The game is rigged.  
      • Minimum wage is a poverty trap
      • Company execs do not work 1,000,000 million times harder than their janitors but they get paid that 
    • Get wrong
      • Taking money from people (via taxes) with no regard for fairness or results only makes things worse
      • 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'

  • Republicans
    • Get right
      • Policies based on physical world realities instead of wishful thinking
    • Get wrong
      • Capitalism without regard to society/ethics is evil
      • How many people has tobacco killed ?
      • Capitalism has creeps cold calling senior citizens trying to talk them out of their savings

  • Libertarians
    • Get right
      • Elegant simple clean political philosophy
      • Leans toward anarchy
      • If you think Anarchy works a great example of that is Afghanistan.  Please go there and see how great it works.
    • Get wrong
      • Unfortunately it is too simple.  
      • It does not deal with the reality of large groups of people, IE 'Political Power'.
      • Similar to nuclear energy political power or the power of the mob needs to be understood and carefully managed.
      • The truth is that political power (power of large group of people) is even more dangerous and complex and unpredictable than nuclear energy.
      • As such the rules for managing it should be very robust and well designed.

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