Sunday, March 10, 2019

Technology and Crime

Technology will improve the prosecution of serious crimes in urban centers.

Imagine a small drone the size of a hummingbird or so with a video camera and microphone and basic AI technology for speech recognition.  Now imagine a city police force with thousands of them patrolling the urban centers perched on top utility poles or such.  Now imagine that anyone within shouting distance of a utility pole can just shout 'help' and one of these little drones will swoop in to take high resolution video surveillance of any suspicious activity, and maybe even collect a DNA swab sample from any suspects on scene.  With high resolution video and DNA evidence available for any crime near common areas will virtually guarantee all criminal behavior is convicted and prosecuted.

Seems to me that would have a precipitous effect on crime.  And most if not all of this technology is already available today.  Some city just has to make a decision to do it.  Many are already inching in this direction with widespread surveillance. 

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