Thursday, June 27, 2019

Becoming Cyborgs

  • AI used to scare me a lot but one thing that gives me some hope is evolution.  In the movies it is always us verses them, but the reality is we are going to evolve into them one organ at a time.  So it will be somewhat gradual and not quite so much a jolt.  
  • Try to look on the bright side.  Think about the cool things that you might be able to change in your body in future.
    • X-Ray vision
    • Telescopic eyes that can see a bug a mile away.  
    • Arms that can pick up 1000 pounds
    • Legs that run run 40 MPH.
    • Or to have 1000 terabytes of information grafted onto your brain that you can access just by thinking about it.
    • Or wings grafted onto your body enabling you to literally fly like a (very big) bird.  
  • Flying like a bird would be very very very cool