Monday, November 16, 2020

Politics: The Political Divide (Urban verses Rural)

The 2020 US presidential election is over and it looks like Joe Biden will be replacing Donald Trump as the next US president.  From what I've gathered from the talking heads on network TV and the internet there is a lot of angst about our deeply divided country.  Some even talk about doing away with the Electoral College.  

When I look at the electoral results map it is blindingly painfully obvious that conservative red districts are rural, and liberal blue districts are urban.  This makes perfect sense to me so I don't get why this is so hard for the major media talking heads to understand.  A rural farmer living on a 100 acre farm by absolute necessity has to be far more self sufficient and independent than a desk jockey living in a high rise condo in a large metropolis.  Duh.  This ain't rocket science. 

If you live on a rural farm, and someone is breaking into your house in the middle of the night, you don't hide in the closet and dial 911, you grab your gun and deal with it.  Waiting an hour for the sheriff to arrive is not an option, especially if you have family.  

When you're plowing your field and your tractor breaks down you get your toolbox and start diagnosing what is wrong.  Why ?  Because waiting a week for a repairmen is not an option for your crop schedule or your wallet.

Global warming ?  That is concerning, but more concerning right now for the working rural poor are their bleeding knuckles and what their family is going to eat tonight.

So can we please stop demonizing the working rural poor who voted for less federal bureaucracy and more job security in their lives ?  Donald Trump may be a narcissistic self serving ass, but that doesn't mean he is always wrong.  Let's not forget there is a reason he got elected for his first term.

And regarding the Electoral College, this is the mechanism that the framers of the constitution came up with to balance out the rural state needs with the urban population focused house of representatives.  Anyone who talks about scrapping the Electoral College without some other mechanism to represent the working rural poor is risking disenfranchising the working rural poor.  That is self serving, oppressive, and potentially grounds for civil war, so uh, probably not a good idea.

So please remember, we don't all live in high rise urban condos and have high paying jobs.

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