Sunday, December 13, 2020

Cool Live Stream Webcams

Here are a few cool live stream webcams I just found on the web.  I'm sorry but these are just too cool.  I suppose there will be more and more of these coming online in the future.  Pretty cool way to travel the world without leaving your chair.  

From Truck: 

Live stream from a big rig truck as it drives down the road !  Really ?  Wow.

Lakeway, Texas:  

This is the same lake my cabin is on, but my view is better.  This makes me want to install a webcam after I get my utilities in.

Times Square, New York

London Traffic


St. Petersburg Russia

Webcam Map

McDonald Observatory

This is a Youtube channel from the west Texas UT observatory that hosts live stream events, and has those recorded as well.  Pretty interesting if you're into astronomy.

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