Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Covid-19 Origins

Until now I have always considered the Wuhan Lab origin story for Covid-19 a conspiracy theory, trusting what I read in the mainstream press.  But the following excellent article by Nicolas Wade has my head spinning.

This article makes a compelling case that given the location and genetic trail of the virus mutations, the most likely source of Covid-19 is the Wuhan Lab.  This is pretty shocking to me given what China, the US government, and the mainstream press have been telling the world for the last year.

Are the conspiracy theorists right ? !

Sad.  Annoying.  Disappointing.  Maddening.  

Really shameful behavior by lots of people.

Shame on the China government for refusing access to the Wuhan lab research.  Has the China government been lying and covering up ?  Why can't we find out who patient zero is ?

Shame on the US government for funding the Wuhan lab GOF (gain-of function) research.  

Shame on Dr Anthony Fauci for misleading if not lying under oath about funding the Wuhan lab GOF research.  Why is he not in jail ?  Why are we still listening to him ?  What is that cliche about the road to hell and good intentions ?

Shame on the mainstream US press for promoting the smoke screen from Dr Fauci and his peers.

Thank you Nicolas Wade for stepping up and shining a light on this mess.

On a side note there is a lesson here for Artificial Intelligence research.  Ray Kurzweil likes to paint a rosy picture about the benefits of AI, but just like with biotech and nuclear energy we need to be very very careful here.

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