Monday, May 17, 2021

UFOs and Skyhub

I've been pretty skeptical of reported UFO sightings most of my life, but in December 2017 the military released some intriguing videos.  It seems that improved radar systems are enabling more video capture of some unusual fast moving objects.

More recently CBS has interviewed pilots that have seen UFOs off the US coast 'daily'.

I find this fascinating, as this info seems much more credible than the typical noise that pervades this topic.

If indeed pilots are routinely seeing these things off of our coast, it seems to me we should be organizing a large national effort to scientifically study this.  C'mon man, we may be talking real aliens here !

Indeed, in response to the videos released by the military in 2017, a small group of individuals has begun organizing a network of video cameras to survey the night sky looking for UFO like objects.

They are reportedly using AI to wade through the video data, and have already found a few interesting things.  As the camera and zoom technology improves, it will be interesting to see where this leads.  I think these guys have the right idea.  Let's bring science and technology to this issue and make it public.

On that thread can we at least spend a few pennies to add some better cameras to the aircraft that are seeing these things 'daily'.  Really ?  Daily ?  Really ?

We are seeing these things daily and the released videos are the best pictures we have ?  Hmmmm.  That doesn't really smell right does it ?

I get that there is a lot more physics that we don't know than we do, but the data to date while interesting is not enough.

I want to believe, but better pictures and data please.

Some fascinating interviews with David Fravor:

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